Meeting Unique Safety Challenges

Fire Guys Leasing offers a wide variety of fire protection systems for the most challenging hazard areas where a traditional water system would cause too much damage or down time. When properly designed, installed and maintained, the breadth of fire suppression technologies available today gives commercial facilities the flexibility they need to balance both fire safety and compliance with the preservation of expensive equipment and other valuables. No matter the size or scope of your project, Fire Guys Leasing will ensure a quality system is installed to match the needs of your business.

Commercial Kitchen

Total system expertise for commercial kitchen fire suppression systems


Server/Data Rooms

Reduce loss and protect your critical assets with a clean agent fire suppression system


Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Help choosing the right fire extinguisher, inspection, service or training


Paint Booth Systems

Fire suppression installation, inspection and maintenance for areas with highly flammable liquids


Off Road Equipment

Off-road vehicle fire systems cover many types of vehicles from busses to large mining trucks



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